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At night, I tell lies...


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12 August

aanjali no LJ
Hi, I'm French, born in South Korea. I've been studying English since... forever now and graduated in Politics when I lived in the UK and majored in British History and translation, occasionnally work as a translator IRL and teach English and Spanish to highschoolers and sometimes adults. I just love to learn languages and I'm currently studying Japanese. I'm fluent in French, English and Spanish. Also learnt bits of Italian and Chinese and I can read Korean, Turkish and Greek, it's quite useful since I like travelling a lot, my favourite countries being India, Thailand and Japan. Otherwise, my (strange) hobby is translating things and I lend my skills to a French fansub team specialized in Johnny's Ent. stuff.
I'm one of those Kanjani8 fangirls and my ichiban is Ryo-chan with his breaking smile, good singing and acting and I ♥ his solo songs. My favourite song of K8 is Eden, then it's Heavenly Psycho... My niban is Masaki Aiba, we're just two of a kind XD. Well, I think. Johnny's Ent. has taken over my life cuz I'm also a (big) Arashi fan. I already went to 2 concerts of Kanjani8 in Osaka and intend to see more and to go to Korea to see a BIG BANG concert. So yes, big... no, HUGE K-Pop fan, first of BIG BANG and big crushes on After School, Epik High and LeeSsang... I just love K-entertainment and my strange fandoms. Feel free to add me if you think we have some interests in common, but just tell me so I can friend you back.

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