Hey guys, I'm just updating to say that I'm heading t Korea very very soon and i'm really happy about it.
This was made possible thanks to the association Korean Connection and I'll get to see awesome stuff.

If you can read French, you can follow me every day (I hope I'll be regualr in my updates) on this blog created for the occasion.
Of course, right now (Thurs. 03:16 AM) there's nothing on it but you can chek my programme out still.

Bye bye~


Hyun Bin - That Man MV (Secret Garden OST)

"That Man" est la version mâââââââle de "That Woman" interprétée par Baek Ji Young, mais cette fois c'est Hyun Bin qui s'y est collé.
Déjà, la version de base est magnifique, la voix de Baek Ji Young est un petit bijou, c'est fort, rempli d'émotion...
Alors quand Hyun Bin a sorti "That Man", j'ai complètement fondu, bien sûr.

Les coréens ont pour habitude de changer les coupes de cheveux des personnages et les OST arrivé à mi-diffusion et là, quelle bonne idée que de faire chanter Hyun Bin avec sa voix de velours !
La chanson reste intense comme pour celle de Baek Ji Young, mais pas sur le même plan émotionnel je trouve.

Le clip est en fait une compilation de scènes du drama Secret Garden, donc je vous conseille de mater le drama avant, qui est une petite perle d'ailleurs !

Vidéo protégée par mot de passe, se référer ici pour l'obtenir.
Si vous avez déjà les accès, cliquez ici.



Béal Feirste!

I've come back today from Belfast and I have to say I'm a bit sad now because I had such a wonderful time with wonderful people!
I'm really glad that my cousin is in a relationship with someone from abroad though she's been living in France for some years now.
And ow they have a cute and lovely baby girl, aw~

When my cousin called to invite us to the baptem in Belfast, I was really happy, I had never been to Ireland before!
I thought it'd be even greater if the ceremony was in Eire but still, I couldn't wait.
And actually, I really really enjoyed Belfast, its surrondings and the people there...
It's such a different atmosphere than in France, people are way nicer and more... free.
And there are pubs, old buildings, big shops, music and food everywhere, so nice!

That was my first contact with the Northern Irish culture and then, I met my cousin in law's family, I was a bit aprehensive because I had never ever met or even talked with any of them before but everything went smoothly and talking with everyone suddenly became so natural.
So we had lots of fun altogether and they praised my English and my accent too :D

Seems like I sound a lot British when I talk, they were a bit surprised.
So communication was really easy, they do have an accent (for me), but it's not as strong as the Scottish one.
English, Guinness, fun... what else could I have asked?!

I'll go back to Belfast and around again for sure, it's just that I don't when.
But now, I have to see Southern Ireland, I'm going to Dublin on April with a friend.
And you know, when I landed back in Paris, I felt down, CDG airport was messy like hell, people around me were not smiling and polite anymore at all, everybody was dressed the same, I just wanted to go back to Belfast.

Anyway, if you have the occasion to go to Northern Ireland one day, just go, it's totally worth it!
I really think that Northern Ireland is a lot underestimated, people often say that Eire is great but the North has a lot a charms too!

Warnin:This entry is BIG BANG biased!

I'm already loving 2011 cause we - meaning BIG BANG fans - have received great news today!

- Dec 12th: Running Man, like every Sunday actually but this time it'll be a YG special featuring a YG artist in one of the RM teams.
I guess we'll get to see other known figures in this episode.
And maybe they'll grant my wish: seeing Daesung and Jae Suk re-united.

- Dec 15th: GD and TOP are gonna release their single + MV I guess.
I watched their performance at the MAMA and it was daebak!
Byebye fucking annoying and overwhelming electro sounds, clap your hand for good hip hop stuff!

- Dec 24th: GD and TOP's full album, I can't believe they worked on a full album in secret!

- Jan 3rd: Release of Seungri's digital single, I hope it'll be as good as "Strong Baby"!

- Feb 1st: Probably best day of the year cause it's BIG BANG's comeback as a group, at last!

So I'm a little LOT ecstatic today if you know what I mean...
Since I watched the MAMA performances, I'm being a little impatient but still, I'm coping.
As I was watching GD, TOP and Taeyang perfs, I was thinking "Hey K-artists, watch and learn!"
And wait for next year award ceremonies, they're gonna get 'em all!

2011's gonna be a BIG BANG year!
BIG BANG is the shit, damn it!

Sunday Procrastination

I need that effin' awesome pamphlet from the 8UPPERS tour, GOSH!
Eito all look gorgeous and if you have watched the movie, you know what I mean.

Lately, I listen to their album a lot while driving (can't drive without music!).
It's not a "real" album and it's not an OST at the same time, it's a kind of mix and that's what I appreciate.

I love good OSTs, I believe that good music really serve a movie and even more, can magnify it.
But sometimes, when you listen to just the OST, it doesn't feel "right", something's missing: pictures.
I like OSTs that can live by themselves, I mean when you don't have to remember the scenes to appreciate the music.
For instance, I liked the OST of "Inception", I listened to it but didn't manage to really appreciate it.
On the contrary, that's not the case for the OST of "L'Auberge espagnole" (distributed as The Spanish Apartment" abroad).

So now you can understand why I like the 8UPPERS album, it's not only instrumental and it fits the movie quite well.
Nevertheless, "Wonderful World" sounds a bit out of place here, but whatever...

As for the solos, I like them all but of course my preference goes to Ryotan's one.
I don't really know why but I ALWAYS love the songs he composes, every one of the them, my favorite being "Code".

And in the movie, my favorite character was Arsenal I think.
I couldn't resist to Subaru's facial expressions and there's actually a reason for his cold attitude.
Maru was astoning for the fight scenes, my eyes were sparkling like crazy.
And  when I saw Ryo half naked, I immediately thought "wow, this is fan service!" XD

The movie is not exceptional and is a bit too short to my taste, the characters deserved better introductions for the story.
But as I already said, the music blends well, and the photography of the movie was good too.

All this to say that I need that pamphlet~

The Eight

Ça faisait longtemps que je n'avais pas subbé autre chose d'un clip musical.
J'ai donc retrouvé les joies du timing, beurk...

À la base, je voulais traduire le film des Kanjani8 pour moi, mais finalement, je me suis dit "Pourquoi pas partager ?".
J'ai demandé à enshinge de o_e_subs si c'était possible et elle a très gentiment accepté.

L'histoire n'est pas compliquée, mais le tout fonctionne plutôt bien et la musique est placée juste comme il faut.
Quant à la photographie, j'aime beaucoup le style employé, les plans couleurs sont bien gérés.
Il y a bien sûr des scènes mémorables, mais bon, j'en dis pas plus.

Attention, ça pourra peut-être en "choquer" certain(e)s, j'ai voulu retranscrire le fait qu'ils parlent un japonais relâché dans le film, donc certaines négations et quelques mots sont passés à la trappe.
J'ai traduit les dialogues à la façon dont on parlerait à leur place.

Maintenant, quelques règles...
- Pas de streaming SVP, les copyrights J. Ent. sont très surveillés en ce moment.
- Ne pas réuploader, redirigez plutôt vers cette entrée.
- Pas d'altération des sous-titres avec ré-encodage...
- Et ne pas donner le mot de passe à "l'extérieur".

8UPPERS - The movie [1280x720]
MEGAUPLOAD ou MEGAUPLOAD (lien alternatif)
RAPIDSHARE : Partie 1 - Partie 2

La vidéo est compressée en .rar pour ne pas se retrouver sur Megavideo.
Pour obtenir le mot de passe, mettez en surbrillance la ligne suivante.

Bon film !

Oh happy day

PEOPLE, big big news!
So big that I feel that I should tell every K-Pop fan!

I was randomly clicking stuff on Facebook and wanted to become a Hwangbo fan there, when I discovered something huge.
You remember few weeks ago, when we were all desperate because of the closing of Jenpoo...
Guess what, it's not dead but back under a new name: Jenpuu.

So you can all resume your life and breathe again~


Godess Hwangbo always brings good stuff.

Beauty Beautiful

Godess Hwangbo is back with a new single people and it's good!

I admire this woman so much, she's strong, she's funny, she's has charisma and such a beautiful voice.When Family Outing was still airing, I was praying for her to come as a guest but it never happened.Now that she's back, maybe she'll appear in Running Man, that'd be totally daebak and Jae Suk would tease her in remembrance of old times during X-Man.

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  • BIG BANG 's come back delays
  • Potential too overwhelming presence of autotune on upcoming BIG BANG album
  • Not having been able to see the Wonder Girls in Cannes
  • Not being in Paris while Vanness Wu is there
  • Waiting for the last 2 eps of Gumiho
  • Where's Gahee's solo activity Pledis!?
  • Having to work on Saturdays
  • Not being able to find a Japanese course in my region
  • That iPods can be synchronized on only ONE computer